The Hardest Part of Selling Stuff on the Internet is the Stupid…and Obtaining the Snakes

The Hardest Part of Selling Stuff on the Internet is the Stupid…and Obtaining the Snakes

So my buddy Jon came around the shop today and he is in the business of managing the online sales for a chain of local thrift stores which basically means he sifts through all the crap that people dump off at the thrifts stores and looks for buried treasure. He’s pretty much just like a pirate; he drinks rum, hunts for treasure….he doesn’t have an eye patch or scurvy and I will have to ask him…

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Portions of this Post Have Been Redacted for Your Safety!

Portions of this Post Have Been Redacted for Your Safety!

I just wanted to thank everyone who came out to the reading the other night. I had a really wonderful time sharing with all of you guys and hope y’all had a good time too. I am always super nervous when I have events of any kind at the shop. I worry that no one will show up, that no one will have a good time, that no one will understand my sense of humor, and that everyone will think I am an…

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Why #WHYISTAYED is Important

Why #WHYISTAYED is Important

Domestic abuse has been in the news and on the internet a lot this week. The pervasiveness of domestic violence in the NFL has been front and center, particularly with the release/leak of a video of Baltimore Ravens running back, Ray Rice, punching his (then) fiancee during an elevator ride then dragging her limp and half shoeless body out of the elevator and leaving her in the hallway. As the…

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Hair-Raising She-Neigh-nigans!

In March my hair started to fall out. In clumps. In the shower, whenever I brushed it, whenever Bo grabbed it he would come away with a handful. Doctors say that you can almost set a clock by it. When you have a period of great stress in your life, three months later your hair will fall out. The trouble with that is that my hair has not grown back. It continued to get worse and worse throughout…

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Your Totally Awesome Winter Survial Guide: WARNING! Contains no actual useful information

Your Totally Awesome Winter Survial Guide: WARNING! Contains no actual useful information

Winter is coming. And for those of you playing the “Game of Thrones” drinking game, you should probably take a drink because I am pretty the rules state that you have to drink anytime someone says that, not just in the context of the show but always. And if you’re playing the Biblio Diva Drinking Game™ you have probably already died of liver failure or alcohol poisoning or getting stabbed…

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Muff-in Top!

I have to write something funny because if I don’t stop vomiting up depressing crap my entire readership is going to kill themselves and I am pretty sure that compelling others to suicide is criminal offense and I CAN’T GO BACK TO PRISON. So in the interest of maintaining my freedom I have decided to write something funny. Actually I have decided to steal something funny that someone else wrote…

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I am just glad no one is here to see me eat cake out of the garbage!

I am just glad no one is here to see me eat cake out of the garbage!

Yesterday was my birthday which means that last night was my “birthday party” which was really just a bunch of crazy bitches wandering from bar to bar cursing excessively and talking about their boobs. About the time that you switch from Tequila to Whiskey is probably the time you should call it a night. Unless of course, it’s your birthday! In which case you have an entire evening of dubious…

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Your Sardonic Salon Primer, Finally!

Your Sardonic Salon Primer, Finally!

Here at the shop we have, what I like to call, a quasi literary event each quarter called Sardonic Salon. Sardonic Salon was born one Sunday afternoon when I was hanging out at the shop with a couple friends, Colin and Megan. Colin had found a book in the “Erotica” section titled “Samurai” which featured, on its cover, a pair of big red lips and a samurai sword. We chortled over the cheesiness…

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You Guys Wrote This Post For Me

You Guys Wrote This Post For Me

So yesterday I wrote a post about suicide and depressionand today, when I woke up, at 5 am I noticed that I had an unusual amount of messages in my inbox. I started to sift through them and was immediately reduced to tears. As I read on, not only did I not feel so alone but I realized that there is a real need for open and honest conversations about suicide and depression because it doesn’t…

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